ImageNameSkill LevelPriceRatingBuy From Amazon
HO Sports Electron Kneeboard ReviewHO Sports Electron Kneeboard Beginner, Intermediate$$$10.0 check_best_price
HO Agent 2016 Kneeboard ReviewHO Agent 2016 KneeboardIntermediate, Professional$$$9.7 check_best_price
HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard ReviewHO Sports Neutron Kneeboard Beginner, Intermediate, Professional$$$9.6 check_best_price
HO Sports 2017 Reflex Driftwood Kneeboard ReviewHO Sports 2018 Reflex Driftwood KneeboardIntermediate, Professional$$$9.2 check_best_price

HO Sports is one of the biggest names in water sports and their lineup of kneeboards are some of the biggest reasons why. HO Sports kneeboards offer the best in-class performance and value and offer a board fit for every skill level. Their lineup does a great job meeting the needs of beginners while instantly making them better while providing an amazing, well-balanced kneeboard suited for experienced kneeboarders.

HO Sports kneeboards offer a great mix of value and performance and makes riders hit their stride no matter how long they’ve been riding. For newbies, the balance and stability make it easier to learn kneeboarding which can be extended when they gain more experience with a unique, lightweight composite.

The following review takes a closer look at the Best HO Sports kneeboards in 2020 while detailing all the reasons why.

HO Sports Electron Kneeboard Review



  • Fast release off the wake
  • Very easy to control with side to side cuts
  • Great handling in shallow and deep water
  • Great tracking even in deep water
  • Great price point considering what you get


  • Not recommended for beginners

The HO Sports Electron claims the top spot in this review and scores a perfect 10 out of 10. This kneeboard comes in highly recommended for more experienced users standing out with a diamond tip and tail offering a quicker release off the wake. For those looking for more control and stability, the Electron also features four fins which are molded in which provides optimal carving.

The Neutron kneeboard comes in with a very respectable price making it highly affordable which is impressive considering what’s found onboard. Other features include an over-sized orthotic kneepad which provides a great deal of comfort and a single locking in strap which has become a mainstay with HO Sports kneeboards which improves rider stability.

HO Sports Agent Kneeboard Review



  • Safe and comfortable
  • Easy to handle
  • Very stable and durable strap keeps you locked in
  • Soft landings
  • Smooth transitions in and out of tricks


  • Not recommended for beginners

The 2016 Agent is one of HO Sports older kneeboards which has become a classic over the years. This goes to show the exceptional quality HO Sports introduced in this 2016 kneeboard which includes a unique 2-stage rocker which optimizes pop coming off the wake. Complimenting this is a diamond tip and tail which gives you a clean launch giving you a better chance of landing any trick.

The HO Agent 2016 kneeboard is best suited for intermediates and professionals and packs a premium price. The dual density kneepad improves rider control and comfort and gives the best option for any rider looking to go big. Other features include curved flow channels, deep edge and a PannoLock double locking knee strap which is rated one of the most durable knee straps seen on any kneeboard.

HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard Review



  • Can be used by riders of all levels
  • Budget friendly price
  • Very comfortable ride
  • Great in deep or open water
  • Great for beginners and transitioning intermediates


  • Weighs slightly more than other kneeboards

The Neutron from HO Sports is one of their newest kneeboards, but since being introduced it became an instant classic. Starting with it’s unique color pattern and graphics, the Neutron offers a styling package you just don’t see in kneeboards. Scoring a 9.6 out of 10, it’s easy to see why it claims the 3rd spot in this review.

If you’re looking for a rugged, durable, but stylish kneeboard then this is it. For performance minded kneeboarders, the Neutron features a symmetrical side gut which provides a great deal of balance, even under the toughest riding conditions. Other highlight features include fins that are molded in, large orthotic pad, and HO Sports patented single locking strap.

HO Sports 2017 Reflex Driftwood Kneeboard Review



  • Amazing visuals
  • Faster speeds
  • Great for tricks, stunts, and jumps
  • Controlled knee pads
  • High-quality cable-park board


  • Premium priced kneeboard

Scoring a 9.2 out of 10 is the upgrade version of the award-winning Reflex Driftwood kneeboard. The 2018 model improves on every aspect including better stability, control and comfort. The newest model comes in highly recommended for intermediates and professional kneeboarders looking for big air and owning the wake.

The 2018 Reflext Driftwood kneeboard stands out with its Sintered Enduro Base which is super-durable, but still lightweight. Other highlight features include a machined wood core, 45-degree Micro Edge Bevel, flat base and 360-degree ABS Sidewall. At this price you can rest assured you’re getting a kneeboard which was made to last and stands behind HO Sports testament to quality.


Ending our review of the best HO Sports kneeboards in 2020, hopefully, we’ve provided you enough insight into some of the best boards this year. HO Sports garnered quite a reputation over the years which is why they’re always regarded among the best kneeboards out there.