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O’Brien Rush Kneeboard ReviewO’BRIEN RUSH KNEEBOARDBeginners, Intermediates, and Advanced$239.9510.0 buy_now
O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard ReviewO’BRIEN SOZO KNEEBOARDIntermediates and Advanced$374.959.9 buy_now
O’Brien Ricochet Kneeboard ReviewO’BRIEN RICOCHET KNEEBOARDIntermediates and Advanced$201.869.8 buy_now
O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard ReviewO’BRIEN BLACK MAGIC KNEEBOARDBeginners, Intermediates, and Advanced$129.959.6 buy_now
O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard ReviewO’BRIEN VOODOO KNEEBOARDBeginners, Intermediates, and Advanced$171.109.3 buy_now

O’Brien Kneeboards offer a unique appeal to riders of all skill levels as they are easily one of the most sought after boards in water sports. O’Brien has become a huge name in water sports and over the years they have become a leading manufacturer. If you’re looking for a board that was built to last or one that will literally make you a better rider, than considering a new O’Brien board is a great place to start.

What we look for as consumers gives us the confidence that we made the right decision and the kneeboard reviews throughout this site are intended to do just that. We made everything easy for you and you can take advantage of all the hard work and research we’ve already done to help you find the best board for you.

The following review takes a much closer look at the Best O’Brien Kneeboards of 2020 and gives you all the reasons why.

O’Brien Ion Kneeboard Review



  • Very fast
  • Allows easy turns
  • Very soft landings
  • Cool red, white, and blue graphics
  • Very flexible


  • Difficult for beginners
  • Durability issues

Ion may not be O’Brien’s best board of the year, but it deserves attention for those looking for a performance kneeboard that can handle some of the most aggressive riding. Offering soft landings and great turning and cutting, and all the while of supporting its native red, white, and blue. These visuals of this board represent the good ole United States, but comes in with a higher price tag than most.

This board is not recommended for beginners as most have stated that it has a higher learning curve than most. Recommended for intermediates and advanced riders, Ion is an all foam kneeboard that lacks the stability of most. Its best features include a progressive rocker line, hand turned bevels, shock absorbing deep knee wells, and padded adjustable strap.

O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard Review



  • Comfortable with great padding
  • Stable in turns, jumps, and other tricks
  • Great learning board for beginners
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great for riders of all ages and skill levels


  • Not recommended for use in other water sports
  • It is sold within USA only

Scoring a 9.3 out of 10, the O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard boasts some high-end features which has made it very popular with riders of all ages and skill levels. Voodoo offers a very aggressive look which looks the part of being a high-performance board. What it brings to water sports makes it very easy to overlook what it’s missing as riders looking to own the wake have already realized its worth.

Voodoo is competitively priced coming in at just under $175 which is comparable with other performance boards in its class. Featuring an integrated hood which makes it easy to get up and stay up and an EVA pad which will keep you comfortable throughout your ride. Performance won’t be an issue as turning, cutting, jumps and other stunts area easier than ever with this O’Brien kneeboard.

O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard Review



  • Very durable
  • Great comfort
  • Heightened stability
  • High performance kneeboard
  • Great strength and durability


  • Somewhat boring graphics

Black Magic is a great board for beginners due to its heightened stability and a great ride for intermediates looking to learn how to perfect jumps and other tricks. The grace that this O’Brien kneeboard brings to the wake makes it very appealing to riders of all ages as it offers great strength, stability, durability, and comfort.

The visuals are another story as the boring and outdated look is what keeps Black Magic from scoring higher than a 9.6 out of 10. Still, this board is a great performance board with its retractable fins, aquatic padded adjustable hook, and a significant upgrade over the Black Magic Supernatural.

O’Brien Ricochet Kneeboard Review



  • Great for learning tricks and jumps
  • Pro-level performance kneeboard
  • Great comfort due to the comfort molded flex pad
  • Cutting through water is effortless
  • Molded in-hook makes getting up very easy


  • Difficult for beginners
  • Hook does not retract

Coming in around $200, the O’Brien Ricochet kneeboard scores a very impressive 9.8 out of 10. The visuals of this board is what helps it stand out as the black and yellow graphics are some of the best we’ve seen yet. This pro level performance kneeboard is best suited for intermediates and advanced riders, and not recommended for beginners.

Ricochet makes it easier than ever to cut through the water and makes turning and cutting effortless. With a great deal of comfort thanks to the molded flex pad and the integrated handle hook makes getting up and staying up very easy. Complete with a soft V-Hull and soft tip design, this board was created with performance in mind.

O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard Review



  • Aggressive appearance
  • Fast and clean
  • Amazing for tricks, jumps, and owning the wake
  • Extremely durable
  • Smooth, soft landing thanks to the flexible platform


  • Difficult for beginners

Sozo comes in with a price just over $350 which makes it one of the more expensive O’Brien kneeboards of the year, but as with price, you get a whole lot of board for your money. Sozo offers one of the softest landings we’ve seen in any board which makes it appealing to those who like aggressive riding. Tricks, jumps, and other stunts are not only easy, but transitioning from one trick to another is very simple.

For those looking for speed and high performance will find both as this board was created with the needs of performance riders in mind. The unique sandwich construction makes it very aerodynamic and this board represents the best of water sport technology.

O’Brien Rush Kneeboard Review



  • Easy to control
  • Very versatile kneeboard
  • Transitions easily from rail to rail
  • Great pop at the wake
  • You can ride it forwards or backwards


  • Expensive, but not for a high performance kneeboard

Scoring a perfect 10 out of 10, the O’Brien Rush Kneeboard takes everything into consideration and has done a tremendous job on perfecting it. If you’re looking for a true high-performance board and one that’s not only O’Brien’s best, but one of the best industry wide, then there’s nowhere else to look. Rush will give you an exhilarating ride each time.

Rush will give you great pop each and every time, and transitions from rail to rail are not only effortless, but natural. Featuring an extreme rocker line, hand shaped edge bevels, deep knee wells, and made of dual density construction which gives it everything you need.