ImageNameSkill LevelPriceRatingBuy From Amazon
Hydroslide Razorback Kneeboard ReviewHYDROSLIDE RAZORBACK KNEEBOARDIntermediate and Advanced$163.1910.0 buy_now
Jobe Streak Blue Kneeboard ReviewJOBE STREAK BLUE KNEEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced$149.9910.0 buy_now
Hydroslide PRO-XLT Kneeboard ReviewHYDROSLIDE PRO-XLT KNEEBOARDIntermediate and Advanced$157.889.9 buy_now
HO Sports Electron Kneeboard ReviewHO SPORTS ELECTRON KNEEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced$135.009.9 buy_now
Body Glove Signature Series CRK Kneeboard ReviewBODY GLOVE SIGNATURE SERIES CRK KNEEBOARDIntermediate and Advanced$147.999.8 buy_now
Jobe Shock Kneeboard ReviewJOBE SHOCK KNEEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced$125.999.7 buy_now
HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard ReviewHO SPORTS NEUTRON KNEEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced$149.379.6 buy_now
Hydroslide Respect Black 52-Inch Kneeboard ReviewHYDROSLIDE RESPECT BLACK 52-INCH KNEEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced$179.969.5 buy_now
HydroSlide Revolution Kneeboard ReviewHYDROSLIDE REVOLUTION KNEEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$129.999.5 buy_now
Connelly The Thing Kneeboard ReviewCONNELLY THE THING KNEEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced$199.999.4 buy_now

If you’re one of the many looking for a cheap kneeboard, then there are many things to consider to make sure your purchase is right for you. There are many budget friendly boards on the market, but purchasing one over the other may radically change your kneeboarding experience from bad to good. Taking all things into consideration such as your size, age, riding style, and skill level makes your decision that much harder, but we’ve taken the guesswork out of it all.

This year, there are numerous boards to choose from if your intent on getting the most for your money. Some of the top manufacturers including O’Brien, HydroSlide, Jobe, HO Sports, and many more have all been considered as we have scoured the top budget friendly boards in the following review.

Below, we have complied the Top 10 Cheap Kneeboards Under $200 in 2020 that are all high performance boards, and all cost below $200.

Connelly The Thing Kneeboard Review



  • Great manufacturer’s warranty
  • Front-end hooks
  • Very versatile kneeboard making it great for other water sports as well
  • High performance board made for tricks
  • Handling helps you to have a secure take off by setting the knees safely


  • No knee strap

The Connelly The Thing Kneeboard is one of the most versatile boards under $200. This board can be used for a wide array of water sports which include kneeboarding, wake skating, wakeboarding, skiing, and others. When considering the price which comes in well below $200 bucks, this is a great deal for the money as it replaces everything you need to try out all different types of water sports.

The Thing packs quite a punch as well featuring removable surf fins and front end hooks which will appeal to the wider side or riders. Durability won’t be an issue either as it’s created out of Roto molded construction which is very strong and lightweight. As an added bonus, consumers will get a pretty good manufacturer’s warranty which will help secure your purchase and leave you worry free.

HydroSlide Revolution Kneeboard Review



  • Hydrohook makes it very easy to get up, even for beginners
  • Great learning kneeboard
  • Even better price
  • Updated Graphics
  • High performance kneeboard


  • Outdated by conventional standards
  • Padding stiff at first, and needs to be broken in

Scoring an impressive 9.5 out of 10, the Revolution kneeboard by HydroSlide deserves the recognition it gets as being one of the best budget friendly kneeboards of the year. Backed by HydroSlide’s testament to water sport technology it features updated graphics at one hell of a price. Coming in at $130 this is a small price to pay for a performance board meant for all riders.

The Revolution is a great board for beginners and perfect for intermediates who want to evolve into high performance riders. This upgraded model boasts a hydro hook tow point, EVA pad, deep knee wells, 3” padded strap, and a thin and light profile. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate rider, this one is worth considering.

Hydroslide Respect Black 52-Inch Kneeboard Review



  • Lightweight
  • More comfortable than most
  • Very stable with great ankle support
  • Perfect kneeboard for learning tricks and jumps
  • Accommodating for riders of all ages and skill levels


  • More expensive than other performance kneeboards

Better suited for intermediates and beginners, the HydroSlide Respect can be used for the most aggressive kneeboarding. This style allows riders to get the most out of the wake as tricks, jumps, and other stunts are best with a high-performance kneeboard. Respect deserves just that as the black finish and 52” size provides a great platform for what kneeboarding was meant to be.

Lightweight, comfort, and precision is what this board is all about as it offers a unique spoon shape and traditional V-shape design. The retractable tow hook makes getting up on the first time as simple as ever which ultimately gives you more time on the board versus less time trying. Scoring a 9.5 out of 10.0, this HydroSlide kneeboard is one of their best of the year.

HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard Review



  • Can be used by riders of all levels
  • Budget friendly price
  • Very comfortable ride
  • Great in deep or open water
  • Great for beginners and transitioning intermediates


  • Weighs slightly more than other kneeboards

HO Sports isn’t exactly a household name in water sports, but we fully expect this to change as they become more widespread. One of the newest entries into water sports, HO Sports is quickly making a name for themselves while offering a great mix of performance and budget. The cost of the Neutron comes in below $125 which is more of a steal than a bargain.

The HO Sports Neutron kneeboard boasts some performance features which is an added bonus and is suitable for riders of all skill levels and especially beginners and intermediates. This board works great in both deep water and shallow water which adds to the versatility, but does weigh slightly more than most. Featuring V-Bottom technology and Roto molded plastic construction which offers the best in performance and durability.

Jobe Shock Kneeboard Review



  • Great price when compared with other performance kneeboards
  • Easy kneeboard for beginners to learn with
  • Recommended for riders with all skill levels
  • Streamlined design
  • Smooth and sharp cutting


  • Only shipped within USA

If looking for one of the best beginner’s kneeboards of the years, the Shock is competitively priced and has become one of Amazon’s best-sellers. Beginners have boasted about its ease of use and transitioning intermediates have stated it makes learning tricks and other tough stunts much easier. The craftsmanship that goes into this board is seen in its streamlined design which makes cutting and turning as easy as can be.

The Jobe Shock comes in around $125 which is significantly less than most performance kneeboards. At first sight, it’s impossible to overlook its great appearance and once on riders will fall in love with its performance features. Onboard, you’ll find dual hooks, parabolic twin tip, deep knee wells, knee strap, and much more to help you outperform other riders.

Body Glove Signature Series CRK Kneeboard Review



  • Easy to control
  • Comfortable
  • Safe and properly reinforced
  • Great for tricks
  • Highly durable


  • Weighs more than most kneeboards
  • It cannot be shipped to other countries

The Signature Series CRK Kneeboard is Body Glove’s best budget friendly board of the year. The money this board costs is a fraction of what it costs to pick up a high performance board in its class scoring a 9.8 out of 10. This nearly perfect board misses the mark of scoring a perfect 10 as the price comes in around $175. Slightly more than others on this list, but still a very good price for a Body Glove performance board.

The CRK kneeboard is highly recommended for intermediates and advanced riders. Control, stability, strength and comfort have all been improved in this model as it boasts an extremely thin profile and reinforced with carbon fiber. Boasting a unique parabolic design, molded pad, and much more makes this Body Glove kneeboard a bargain at a great price.

HO Sports Electron Kneeboard Review



  • Fast release off the wake
  • Very easy to control with side to side cuts
  • Great handling in shallow and deep water
  • Great tracking even in deep water
  • Great price point considering what you get


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Steeper learning curve than most

The HO Sports Electron kneeboard isn’t only their best budget friendly board of the year, it’s their best board to date. The Electron sports some amazing features which are all difficult to find at this price which gives riders great control, stability, comfort, handling, and tracking. Scoring a 9.9 out of 10, it proves that this is a board that helps make water sports amazing.

The Electron gives riders superior release off the wake and with its streamlined design and V-Bottom technology riders get the best ride possible. Recommended for more experienced riders as the learning curve makes it difficult for newbies to fully enjoy what this board was intended to be.

Hydroslide PRO-XLT Kneeboard Review



  • Amazing and unique appearance
  • Highly durable
  • Ridiculously cheap price
  • Great for tricks and jumps appealing to intermediates
  • Great cutting power


  • It can only be sold within USA

We’re talking about a ridiculous price for a kneeboard period, and when it combines the technology and superior craftsmanship of HydroSlide it makes for one amazing board. Getting as close to perfect as you can get, this board scores a 9.9 out of 10 and comes in well below $100 bucks.

The PRO-XLT features many of HydroSlide’s performance features which include a hydro hook tow point, padded knee strap, dual retractable fins, and thin design. The retractable fins give riders the ability to customize their ride to their liking and makes handing of wakes different each time. This appeals to intermediates and with handling like this it makes it very easy to ride.

Jobe Streak Blue Kneeboard Review



  • Much improved 2016 model
  • Very stable going into the wake and while turning
  • Great traction in shallow and deeper water
  • Very effective single strap
  • Matching Jobe Streak Blue accessories and gear


  • Can only be shipped within USA

The Jobe Streak Kneeboard is one of two boards in this review which score a perfect 10 out of 10. The amazing blue color graphics of this board allows it to stand out and the unique and amazing appearance allows it to appeal to riders of all ages. This improved model brings with it the best of the matching accessories which gives riders the option of the complete riding package.

The Streak comes in at only 8 pounds which makes it extremely lightweight. This helps give it a great deal of pop going in and coming out of the wake and with its ease of control riders can literally own the wake. This versatile board has great traction in both deep and shallow water giving kneeboarders a true sense of versatility. With a price that’s under $150, Jobe once again proves that budget and performance can be found in the same board.

Hydroslide Razorback Kneeboard Review



  • Amazing price for a superior kneeboard
  • Great control and very smooth ride
  • Receives a perfect 5 out of 5 by consumers on Amazon
  • Great all-around kneeboard for experienced adult riders
  • Superior comfort


  • Not available for shipping outside of the US

The HydroSlide Razorback claims our top spot for as the best cheap kneeboard of the year. Aside from price, this is one of HydroSlide’s best boards of the year hands-down as it boasts the best of all worlds which is nearly impossible to find. Offering the best in water sport technology when it comes to performance, durability, appearance, and speed, kneeboarders of all skill levels are recommended to pick it up before it’s too late.

The Razorback comes with HydroSlide’s patented tow hook which makes it simple to get on the first time. This turns beginners into intermediates in no time at all as the ease of use is as easy as it gets. Featuring retractable knee wells and fins, riders can customize their ride to their liking.

The strength of this board means it can accommodate riders up to 250 pounds and its thin profile gives them the same great riding experience of the best performance kneeboard.