ImageNameSkill LevelPriceRatingBuy From Amazon
Hydroslide PRO-XLT Kneeboard ReviewHydroslide PRO-XLT KneeboardIntermediate, Professional$$$10.0 check_best_price
Hydroslide Razorback Kneeboard ReviewHydroslide Razorback Kneeboard Beginner, Intermediate$$$10.0 check_best_price
HydroSlide Revolution Kneeboard ReviewHydroslide Revolution KneeboardBeginner, Intermediate$$$9.6 check_best_price
Hydroslide Respect Black 52-Inch Kneeboard ReviewHydroslide Respect 52-Inch KneeboardIntermediate, Professional$$$9.5 check_best_price
Hydroslide Magna Kneeboard ReviewHydroslide Magna KneeboardBeginner, Intermediate$$9.3 check_best_price

Kneeboarding can be traced way back and originated in Southern California and over the years we’ve seen many other water sports introduced. The original sport on water has taken many different shapes and forms, but the original is still the most popular appealing to a wide array of riders. No matter what your experience level is, it’s the kneeboard that makes all the difference which all starts with a name like Hydroslide.

Hydroslide kneedboards are undeniably some of the best in the business. These kneeboards offer something for every class of rider while introducing performance, appeal and ease of use. Their newest models are always mentioned among the year’s best which leads us into our next review.

The following are easily the Top Hydroslide Kneeboards in 2020 while carefully looking at performance, price, durability, features and much more.

Hydroslide PRO-XLT Kneeboard Review



  • Amazing and unique appearance
  • Highly durable
  • Ridiculously cheap price
  • Great for tricks and jumps appealing to intermediates
  • Great cutting power


  • Can only be sold within US

The PRO-XLT kneeboard is a high-performance kneeboard and not just the best Hydroslide kneeboard out there, but easily one of the best this year. Scoring a perfect 10 out of 10 and comes with numerous positive reviews while providing an amazing ride with it’s ultra-thin profile. The PRO-XLT is one of the best options for more experienced riders looking to take on bigger waves and get more air.

The Pro-XLT is not just for experienced kneeboarders as it includes a hydro hook tow point fit for beginners. The tow hook makes it easier for beginners to learn on and makes it simple to get up out of the water which is a newbies biggest challenge. It also features a 3-inch padded strap which adds comfort along with a EVA pad featuring deep knee wells for improved comfort.

Hydroslide Razorback Kneeboard Review



  • Amazing price for a superior kneeboard
  • Great control and very smooth ride
  • Receives a perfect 5 out of 5 by consumers on Amazon
  • Great all-around kneeboard for experienced adult riders
  • Superior comfort


  • Not available for shipping outside of the US

The Razorback is a very affordable kneeboard which also scores a 10 out of 10 and has become one of the top-selling Hydroslide kneeboards available. This board is perfect for adults, beginners and more experienced kneeboarder and gives riders a competitive edge with it’s thin profile. The versatility of the Razorback makes it as perfect option for families and improves comfort in every aspect.

The Hydroslide Razorback is another board which bodes well for beginners with its Tow Point tow hook constructed from Hydroslide. The tow hook improves stability and makes it easier for newbies to learn and with its thinner profile makes carving and turning easier. The board provides optimal comfort with its 3” knee strap and EVA pad which has become a Hydroslide top feature.

HydroSlide Revolution Kneeboard Review



  • Hydrohook makes it very easy to get up, even for beginners
  • Great learning kneeboard
  • Even better price
  • Updated Graphics
  • High performance kneeboard


  • Padding stiff at first, and needs to be broken in

The Revolution features sleek black, red and white graphics which have become a fan favorite. This adult kneeboard is 52-inches long which provides a very stable platform, but remains very lightweight offering an improved ride. The thin profile is something that kneeboarders have raved over which provides an amazing ride with optimal turning ability.

The Hydroslide Revolution offers a very competitive price which is remarkable considering it includes a Tow Point hook, Eva pad, deep kneewells, and a padded strap that comes in at 3-inches. The Revolution has become one of the Hydroslide’s most popular kneeboarders and offers a great option for riders of all skill levels.

Hydroslide Respect Black 52-Inch Kneeboard Review



  • Lightweight
  • More comfortable than most
  • Very stable with great ankle support
  • Perfect kneeboard for learning tricks and jumps
  • Accommodating for riders of all ages and skill levels


  • More expensive than other performance kneeboards

The Respect takes the 4th spot in this review and is one of the hardest Hydroslide kneeboards to find. The stable, large base makes it a great kneeboard for adults and features a thinner, fiberglass composite making it lightweight, but highly durable. This 52-inch kneeboard is best suited for adult riders, but offers the versatility from intermediate to professional.

The Hydroslide Respect is best suited for advanced riders and is a performance minded kneeboard. The Shock Strap comes in at 3-inches which adds plenty of comfort and the parabolic design allows you to carve through the water effortlessly. The eva pad which is perforated, and deep knee wells provides plenty of stability for landing tricks and other stunts.

Hydroslide Magna Kneeboard Review



  • Very comfortable
  • Suitable for riders up to 120 pounds
  • Versatile board that can easily be used for other water sports
  • Cheap price, but packed full of features
  • Very easy for newbies to learn on


  • Better for beginners than more experienced riders
  • Not as durable as most

When Hydroslide introduced the Magna kneeboard, nobody knew it would be this good, but we should have. This board deserves a 9.3 out of 10 and claims the 5th spot in this review. Being narrowly beat out by the four above, where the Magna stands out from the rest is the price. Coming in well-under other kneeboards in its class, but still offering Hydroslide’s patented features.

Some of the highlight features include a padded 3-inch strap, full-sized Eva pad, tow point Hydro hook and its thinner design. The thin profile allows riders to carve through the water with ease and with its lightweight, but durable composite it makes for an effortless ride. Recommended for beginners and intermediates, the Magna is a great buy for kneeboarders on a budget.


Be sure to drop us a comment if you have any other questions regarding this review. If you intend on buying one of the best Hydroslide kneeboards out there in 2020, be sure to come back and tell us about your purchase below.