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Jobe Streak Blue Kneeboard ReviewJobe Streak Blue KneeboardJobe$$10.0 check_best_price
Radar Skis Denunzio Juiced Orange-Verde Kneeboard ReviewRadar Skis Denunzio Juiced Orange-Verde KneeboardRadar Skis$$$9.9 check_best_price
HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard ReviewHO Sports Neutron Kneeboard HO Sports$$$9.6 check_best_price
Driftsun 2017 Crush Kneeboard ReviewDriftsun Crush Kneeboard Driftsun$$$8.7 check_best_price

Kids and the great outdoors is sort of a past-time, but there’s one sport that never gets old. Kneeboarding is one of those sports that just keeps getting better, and no matter what other forms of water sports is introduced, it’s kneeboarding that remains the biggest craze. Finding the right kids kneeboards is the biggest challenge as they offer features best-suited for providing balance and creating the perfect learning platform.

Kids kneeboards come in all different shapes and sizes and the style packages make them stand out in a crowd. Whether you’re shopping for a beginner or a child that is looking to take their kneeboarding experience to a whole new level, the board makes all the difference.

This review showcases the best kids kneeboards in 2020 while breaking down what makes them stand out from the rest.

Jobe Streak Blue Kneeboard Review



  • Much improved 2016 model
  • Very stable going into the wake and while turning
  • Great traction in shallow and deeper water
  • Very effective single strap
  • Matching Jobe Streak Blue accessories and gear


  • Can only be shipped within USA

The Streak kneeboard from Jobe impressed us all which is why it scores a 10.0 and claims the top spot for best kneeboard for kids. This simple kneeboard was year’s ahead of the competition when it was introduced a couple years ago and is still the best option for children. This says a lot for Jobe which has become one of the biggest brands in water sports with the Streak being one of the biggest reasons why.

What makes the Jobe Streak stand out includes an impressive price tag which comes in well-below the competition. Highlight features include a 3-inch locking strap which improves stability. The molded roto fins optimize control and provides great carving which bodes well for intermediates. This is a great kids kneeboard and comes in highly recommended for beginners and experienced kneeboarders alike.

Radar Skis Denunzio Juiced Orange-Verde Kneeboard Review



  • Extremely soft and smooth landings
  • Amazing performance
  • Great for big air, jumps, and tricks
  • Amazing graphics
  • Stable board for beginners – great for learning


  • Heavier than most

The Denunzio Juiced Orange-Verde Kneeboard is the best-selling model from Radar which says a lot from a leading manufacturer. This kid’s kneeboard has it all and is highly recommended to meet the needs of all skill levels. For children, the platform offers a super-stable base and has been dubbed as the most state of the art pad in the business.

The Orange-Verde Kneeboard is easily one of the most aesthetically appealing boards out there. At first sight, it’s impossible to not notice this board, but it’s the ease of use and control that makes it stand out. Highlighted by max width and a low drag coefficient which allows you to launch off any wake.

HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard Review



  • Can be used by riders of all levels
  • Budget friendly price
  • Very comfortable ride
  • Great in deep or open water
  • Great for beginners and transitioning intermediates


  • Weighs slightly more than other kneeboards

The HO Sports Neutron scores a 9.6 out of 10 and is also rated one of the best kneeboards this year, period. This board packs it all and is the perfect model for beginners and intermediates. Offering a stable platform which makes learning kneebaording easier while coming in with a very affordable price tag. Standing out with a symmetrical side gut optimizing performance into, and off the wake.

The Neutron provides a very comfortable ride highlighted by a large orthotic pad. Other features that make the Neutron stand out includes a locking strap and fins that are molded in which improves control. For beginners, this is huge as it means less time worrying about what newbies worry about the most.

Driftsun 2017 Crush Kneeboard Review



  • Large board gives freedom for movement
  • Integrated tow hook for beginners
  • Twin Tip Style for smooth performance
  • Strong and durable
  • Adjustable knee strap


  • Limiting jumping ability
  • More expensive than other boards

The Driftsun Crush is a significant upgrade over last year’s model and improves on performance and especially rider control. For beginners this board is highly recommended and introduces exceptional construction with its Rotomolded shell which features an EPS core. The core adds more buoyancy and is fully complimented by a continuous rocker meaning more air and crazy stunts, jumps and other tricks.

This Driftsun Crush Kneeboard features a unique profile highlighted by a Dual twin-tip design. The unique tip provides max speed both front and backwards kneeboarding while making it simple to land some insane stunts. Best suited for intermediates and professionals, but does include a tow hook which is easy start capable.


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